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Family ReunionsWhen you volunteered to plan the next family reunion, you were excited - about getting everybody together and seeing the long-lost relatives you’ve missed for so many years. Now that you’ve started planning, you realize how much work it’s going to be. After all, you need to find a venue, get in touch with everyone, set up some exciting activities and games for young and old to enjoy, plus figure out a budget to pay for it all. Let’s not forget this is a family reunion; encouraging everyone to bring photo albums, letters, and other family memorabilia is a great way to kickoff festivities and get the stories rolling.

With a family reunion, there’s always help to be found – whether it’s from relatives willing to lend a hand or from Carlton Lodge. Contact us and we will help you. Please contact our guest service agent today at 1-517-263-7000 or email gm@cladrian.com